Monday, November 8, 2010

Blissfully Good Mood

Hello friends :)

aren't you surprised to see i have blogged again so soon! i am in a very good mood today so i figured i'd take advantage of it and write to you all. I have a feeling all my blog posts are semi-gloomy with a glimpse of hope at the end. this one is filled with smiles and rainbows all the way through. (on my honor, i will try...)

So today started out boring because i have University 101 on Mondays, and i hate it. Lol they are teaching us to be good little freshman and telling us all the pressing information that we need to know to thrive at WVU. I don't think i have used one bit of that information yet... But anyway, today was our last class! No more getting up earlier than usual on Mondays just to run downstairs and be bored to death for an hour and be late to my biology lecture after. Woot.

My next happy thing was i managed to have time to watch a little Veronica Mars (it's a tv show and my new favorite obsession) and study for my history exam. My exam was at 5:00 and i'm pretty sure i aced it. i knew most of the stuff on there and i definitely got the bonus question right too haha. I walked over to the mountianlair after class to get dinner and i decided to wait out the line and jump on facebook to kill time. Then i got a call from my little sister.. who never calls so i was like what is this about? My dad found a new jeep for me and she called to tell me about it. I was totally surprised, since i'm pretty sure it's the first jeep my dad looked at. My mom told me that they might even drop it off to me next weekend.

I have named it Lucky :)

After dinner i stopped at the little store in the mountainlair. It's called JAC's. i got this lovely thing called monster. and the best part is it's zero calorie. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful invention.

More things that are adding to my fabulous mood: My best friend Melanie is coming to visit me this weekend. I cannot tell you how excited i am. I haven't been able to hang out with her very much (the whole 5 hour drive makes it hard to plan dates and all..). We used to live in the same neighborhood when i was a kid, we became friends around 1997. She's been with me through EVERYTHING. From my first boyfriend to my first semester in college. she's the best :) but we ended up moving to fabulous downtown newark, which i love by the way, but i do miss being down the street from my best friend. Since we moved me and Melanie haven't hung out as much, but our relationship is still as strong as it ever was. It's much harder now though. Knowing that i can't just drive over to her house when i want to makes me miss her so much more. But she's still my cookie lips. Can't wait to stay up all night talking about boys and school and life. gossip :) and to scratch each others backs until we get so tired we have to go to bed. We used to spell stuff out on each others back and at the end we'd try and guess what the other wrote. good times. Melanie & Jill reunion this weekend. i can't wait.

And the last thing is my playlist on youtube. it includes:

Mayday Parade- In my head (Cover)
Lee Dewyze- Sweet Serendipity
Taylor Swift- Dear John
Jason Aldean- Tattoos on This Town
Sparks the Rescue- Need You Now (Cover)
Artist Vs. Poet- Bad Romance (Cover)
Jason Aldean- Heartache That Won't Stop Hurting
Katy Perry- Firework
The Spill Canvas- Self Conclusion

Check them out, you'll like them if you have good taste :)

But the one that has put me in such a good mood would probably be Sweet Serendipity by Lee Dewyze. Take a listen.

Thanks for reading. Hope you're in a good mood too!

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